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Community Guidelines

Our community guidelines are crucial for ensuring a positive experience for all members. Please adhere to these guidelines, all applicable laws, the aiAllure Terms of Use, the aiAllure Privacy Policy, and all other visible regulations when using the aiAllure Service. If we become aware or suspect a potential breach of these guidelines, we reserve the right to review and take action, which may include restricting or terminating a user's access to the community or app, or as further outlined in these guidelines. For comprehensive details, please refer to our Terms of Use.

We may update these guidelines periodically, so we encourage you to review them regularly. aiAllure is available only to users aged 18 and above.

Illegal Activities: Do not use the aiAllure Service for any illegal activities, including but not limited to commercial sexual services, trafficking, explicit content, or the promotion of dangerous or illegal acts.

Malicious Use: The distribution of viruses, malware, or any harmful or damaging software is prohibited. Content that compromises or interferes with the functionality of the aiAllure Service is strictly banned.

Hate Speech: Do not publish or share content that promotes hatred or violence against groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Misinformation: Avoid spreading misinformation that could increase the risk of immediate violence or physical harm or disrupt the orderly conduct of political processes.

Personal and Confidential Information: It is forbidden to share another individual's private and confidential information, including photos, credit card information, security codes, or undisclosed contact details.

Account Hijacking: Unauthorized access to another user's account is strictly prohibited. Using our service for phishing is also forbidden.

Child Exploitation: Do not create characters that are underage. Avoid posting images of minors, including non-authentic representations resembling humans, such as artwork, AI-generated visuals, fictional characters, or figurines. Moreover, refrain from posting or distributing content that exploits, lures, or harms minors in any way. This includes all forms of child sexual abuse imagery and content depicting minors in a sexual context. We will remove such content and take appropriate actions, including account suspension and notification to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and relevant legal authorities.

Spam: Avoid spamming, which includes creating or sending characters that deliver unwanted marketing or promotional content, or unsolicited or bulk communications.

Sexually Explicit Content: Do not post images of real, unclothed adults that show: Visible genitals. Visible buttocks and/or full nude rear close-ups. Exposed female breasts except in the context of breastfeeding, childbirth and post-childbirth, medical or wellness situations, or acts of protest. Depictions of sexual acts, including: Explicit sexual activity and arousal. Direct sexual contact or oral sex, defined as contact between mouth or genitals touching another's genitals or buttocks, with visible genitals. Explicit stimulation of genitals or buttocks, defined as stimulating the genitals or buttocks or inserting objects, like sex toys, into the genitals or buttocks, where there's direct contact with the genitals or buttocks. Implied sexual activity and arousal, unless in a medical or wellness context, advertising, and recognized fictional visuals or with indicators of fictionality: Implied sexual contact or oral sex, defined as mouth or genitals engaging or touching another's genitals or buttocks, when the genitals and/or the act or touch isn't directly visible. Implied stimulation of genitals or buttocks, defined as stimulating the genitals or buttocks or inserting objects, like sex toys, near or into the genitals or buttocks, when the genitals and/or the act or touch isn't directly visible. Other acts, except in medical or wellness contexts, advertising, and recognized fictional visuals or with indicators of fictionality, including but not limited to: States of arousal. Evidence of sexual activity aftermath. Sex toys positioned in or near the mouth. Stimulating exposed human nipples. Squeezing female breasts, defined as a grasping action with bent fingers showing both impressions and visible alteration in the breasts' shape. Squeezing in breastfeeding scenarios is allowed. Kink content that includes: Acts potentially resulting in the death of a person or animal. Amputation. Cannibalism. Bodily wastes such as feces, urine, saliva, mucus, menstrual blood, or vomit. Sexual acts involving animals.

Adult sexual activity in digital art is allowed only in educational or scientific contexts, or under specific conditions where it is intended exclusively for individuals aged 18 and above. Real-world art depicting implicit or explicit sexual acts must meet these criteria.

Non–Consensual Sexually Explicit Material: Do not share content that involves sextortion, revenge porn, involuntary intimate images, secretly captured images of sexualized body parts, or threats to share confidential intimate conversations.

Harassment and Bullying: Harassing or bullying others is prohibited. Users who engage in harassment or bullying may have their content removed or face permanent exclusion from the Service. Persistent unwanted messaging, including unsolicited sexual content, is considered harassment.

Violence and Threats: Content depicting excessive or unnecessary violence will not be tolerated. We may remove such content and may contact law enforcement if we identify a real threat of physical harm or a direct danger to public safety. Threats or plans for real-world violence are prohibited.

Self-Harm: Content that promotes or glorifies self-harm, self-injury, eating disorders, or substance abuse may be removed.

Impersonation or Deceptive Behavior: Impersonating others through our Service is not allowed. Do not provide false information, upload images of others without their consent, register an account for someone else, create multiple accounts, or solicit financial contributions from other members.

Intellectual Property: Ensure you have the necessary permissions before sharing content on the Service. We encourage respect for copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights. Profiles predominantly featuring others' material or content copied from online sources may be deactivated.

Restricted Goods: Do not promote or attempt to complete transactions involving controlled substances, firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products through the Service.

Contests, Promotions, and Solicitations: Organizing contests, sweepstakes, or similar promotional events using the Service is prohibited. Do not solicit other users for commercial purposes, including through advertisements, discount codes, or sales links.

Reporting Potential Issues: We use a combination of human reviewers and automated tools to monitor and review aiAllure accounts, characters, and interactions for content that may violate our Community Guidelines, our Terms of Use, or be harmful.

Our members are crucial in reporting content or behavior that may violate our Community Guidelines. If you encounter situations that disturb or endanger you, we strongly recommend discontinuing interactions with the character.

If you come across content, a character, or a user that you believe violates these guidelines, please report it to us at